Plan Options

General Manager Miguel Q. Ruvalcaba works with his staff of dining professionals to provide a healthy and tasty meals for all the students, staff, faculty and guests who utilize HMC’s dining facility. The Dining Commons team uses their considerable experience and talents in the food service field to offer special meals and events on campus, including sushi, expanded holiday menus, ethnic cuisine, the ever-popular Thanksgiving Dinner and the Holiday Dinner!

All students in residence are required to be on a meal plan. Students living in the Atwood Efficiencies, Linde Apartments, or non-frosh in the Sontag Residence Hall may elect to be on or off the meal plan.

The cost and billing of the meal plan is handled by the Office of Student Accounts. Requests to change plans should be directed to that office or the dean of residential life during the first week of the semester.

HMC offers four meal plan options.

Meal Plans for 2018-2019 School Year 

The 16 Plan 
16 meals/week plus $16/week

Annual Price: $8,239.00 Per Semester: $4,119.50

The 14 Plan 
14 meals/week plus $14/week

Annual Price: $7,544.00 Per Semester: $3,772.00

The 12 Plan 
12 meals/week plus $12/week

Annual Price: $6,850.00 Per Semester: $3,425.00

The 8 Plan 
8 meals/week plus $8/week 

Annual Price: $5,188.00 Per Semester: $2,594.00

Meal plans and “Board Plus” can be used at any of The Claremont Colleges dining halls and snack bar facilities that accept the dining card. “Board Plus” are spent like a pre-paid credit card and cannot be traded for cash.

A student wishing to change his or her meal plan must inform the Office of Student Accounts ( by September 12, 2018 for fall semester and January 30, 2019 for spring semester.  Reducing the number of meals per week is NOT permitted after the above deadlines.